Saturday, March 5, 2016

How to Locate your Passport Office

One of the first things you need know when you apply for a passport is your passport office as per your residential address.

Let's say you live in Villupuram both Trichy and Chennai have passport offices. Geographically, Villupuram is equidistant from Chennai and Trichy. Does that mean you can apply for your passport either from Chennai or Trichy?

No. You can't.

So, how are you supposed to know which passport office to choose from the drop down list?

It's simple.

1. Click here to go to the 'Passport Seva Kendra or Laghu Kendra'  page. Aternately, it's the 4th link under 'Information Corner' to the left of the user login page. When you land there, this is what you'll see.

2. As you can see, there are 2 radio buttons - Passport Office and PIN Code. Select 'PIN Code'. Enter your Pincode in the box that pops up. Then click on 'Locate PSK/PSLK'. When you do, you'll see something like the image below. I've entered the PIN Code for Villupuram - 605602. Let's see what happens. 

A table with location addresses appears on your screen. What do the columns mean?

I've boxed city in red.  This means, if you live in Villupuram, you have to apply for your passport in Chennai.

Of what use is the PSK address I've boxed in green? You'll have to choose one these addresses when you schedule your passport interview.

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