Friday, January 18, 2013

Link Building - The Basics

Why is link building important? How does it affect traffic to your website?

Link building is not something that can be easily dismissed. Having good organic links will have a positive impact on your PageRank, driving traffic your way. If the PageRank of the websites that have your links are well liked by the Search Engine spiders, chances are yours will be too.

But What's PageRank?

PageRank named for Larry Page, one of the guys who developed the algorithm, is the probability theory that analysis the probability of a user, landing on a particular page, when someone searches for specific information. 

In a way, PageRank is a Search Engine's vote of confidence, that a website has the best information, relevant to the search words keyed in by the user.

How Do Search Engines Assign PageRanks?

Consider a webpage A with information about Columbus. There are several other webpages as well with information on Columbus. But most of them have links leading back to webpage A, citing it as the source of information or telling you that webpage A has informative posts on similar topics. Obviously webpage A is well liked by people researching Columbus. Therefore, the Search Engines too like webpage A and assign it a good PageRank. Webpage A, now that it's loved by both the browsers and the Search Engines get s assigned either Page 1 or Page 2 in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
  •  PageRank of the blog.
  •  Whether the articles in the blog are relevant.
  •   If the blogger is authoritative enough in her chosen field in order to have several other websites post a link to hers.
Steps to Link Building

Say you are a blogger. How would you go about link building? 

·     Suppose you use your browser to seek information on growing rose plants.  You land on the blog of another avid gardener. You find it interesting and informative. You leave a comment thanking her for sharing information. You have just completed the first step to link building.

·    The gardening blogger visits your blog and loves the pictures you posted of your roses. She makes a mention of your blog in her next post and includes your blog to her side link.

·     Other people landing on her blog may click on the link to your blog, either in her blog post or on the side link landing on your blog page. 
     You now have a good organic back link.

Factors Contributing to Successful Link Building

Now that we have established the basics, how will link building help drive traffic to your website?  That depends on a few factors regarding the blog where you posted your link.           
     These factors play a vital role in bringing traffic to her website and through that increases the probability of browsers landing on your own webpage.       

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