Saturday, January 26, 2013

Removing Findr Toolbar

Update: These instructions are specific to Chrome
If you are fond of downloading freeware, you may end up with toolbars you don't want. One such toolbar I found myself saddled with, is the Finder toolbar. I could not uninstall Findr because I could not find it in my Control Panel. Why not just let it be?  Because it occupies the space right at the top of a webpage. For instance, it overlaps on the "view blog" button at the top of my blogger 'new post' page, hindering my access to it.

How did I end up with this in the first place? I suppose I blindly clicked on 'Next' while installing a freeware. Findr stuck and would not go away, no matter what I tried. Googling it did not help either.  I finally discovered how to disable Findr. Here's what I did. You can try it too.

I clicked on the down arrow highlighted above. The result was the box below.
Disable all the enabled options or leave what you want. Your screen will now look like the picture below.

Removing  Findr Toolbar is as easy as that. 

Update: Bill is right. Click on the trash can to remove it completely.

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