Friday, August 22, 2014

How to Add, Edit and Manage Contacts in Moto G - Part I

Where's Contacts in Moto G?

Contacts in Moto G is very comprehensive and easy to use and organise once you figure out where to find it. I'll devote this tutorial to locating contacts and we'll look into adding, editing and managing contacts in the subsequent tutorials.
  • Our first job is to locate the menu. I've boxed it in red in the image above. When you tap on the menu, you'll be taken to the screen shown below.
  • You'll find 2 tabs on this screen - Apps and Widgets. 
  • Select Apps. (You'll see a thickened white line under the tab you select.) Locate 'People'. It could be either on the first or the second page of the apps tab.  
  • Swipe right to left if you don't find yours in page 1. I found mine in page 2 (circled in red in the image below).
  • Tap on 'People' to go to contacts. Your contacts page will look similar to the image below. 
Now, this is where things get interesting. I've circled and numbered all the tabs (1, 2 and 3) icons (4,5,6) we'll be using to manage our contacts. I'll give a brief description of each in this tutorial, and we'll look into 3, 5  and 6 in detail in subsequent tutorials.
  1. Favourites - the numbers you dial frequently get stored here automatically.
  2. Contacts - this is your regular contacts page.
  3. Groups - this feature helps you sort your contacts into coworkers, family or friends. You can add your own custom groups if you want to. These contacts will still appear on the regular contacts page. This feature just makes accessing contacts and information easier.
  4. Search - locate a specific person easily without scrolling down endlessly.
  5. Add Contact - This is contextual. Use this icon to add a new contact from the contacts. It changes to add a new group when you are in the groups tab.
  6. Menu - you can import/export contacts, sync accounts and change settings from here.