Saturday, February 2, 2013

How to Stop Blogger from Tracking My Pageviews

If you are asking this, then you already are a blogger. But why should you keep your own page views from getting tracked?

When you install a Pageview tracker on your blog, it's because you want to know the number of visitors who land on your page. But the default counter keeps track of the blogger's own pageviews.  This means, every time you edit a post and view your blog, the tracker adds to the number of pageviews. Since you don't know how many times you've viewed your pages, you won't know how many visitors have stopped by. The only way of  knowing this, is getting blogger to stop tracking your own pageviews.

Let's go ahead and do it.

First, get to your blogger Design page and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Click on stats

Step 2: You'll find yourself on the page below.  Now select "Don't track your own pageviews".

Step 3: The picture below will appear on your screen. Select the "don't track my pageviews" radio button and click "save".

Blogger won't keep track of your own pageviews anymore. 

Update on 19th Oct 2013: 
1. If you are using multiple browsers, it's not enough to just select the "Don't track my pageviews". Read the text in the last screen clipping. A blocking cookie added to your browser stops the actual tracking. So, you need to set the preference every time you use a different browser. Just set the preference from each of the browsers you use in one go.

2. I use statcounter for detailed analysis of traffic to your webpage. Just install the stat counter. Log in to your Stat Counter account and click on blocking cookie. 

Now you know the stats on your blog reflect genuine traffic and not your own page views. This really works. I am adding the update only after verifying it.


  1. Yes and No. The problem is that "Don't track .... " button often does not work for so many of browsers because of cookie configuration. Findamantal design error of Blogger....

  2. But when i do that, in next time i open my dammit firefox, it's tracked again.